Catching rainbow over Meratus Mountains - ANTARA News

Catching rainbow over Meratus Mountains – ANTARA News

The rains just stopped in the area of Meratus Mountains in South Kalimantan.

A group of trekkers prepared to go downhill on the slippery trail of the Batu Sawar Hill to continue their journey before darkness enveloped the tropical rainforest.

“Look…. rainbow,” Agus, a guide for the trekkers, shouted. He enthusiastically pointed at the colorful perfect arcs that has become the foreground of the mountain range.

The trekkers had just left to explore Lawar Cave, an adventure tourist destination in Nateh Village, located some 35 kilometers from Barabai, the capital city of Central Hulu Sungai District in South Kalimantan.

As it was named –“lawar or kelelawar” means bat — the cave is home to bats. Locals also call it the Batu Sawar Cave.

Villagers also collect bat droppings for fertilizers, both for personal use and commercial benefit.

Situated 200 meters high on the hill, the cave, with a five- to six-meter-wide mouth, is reachable in one to two hours by trekking as…

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