Coronavirus latest news: UK records just one new Covid death

Coronavirus latest news: UK records just one new Covid death

Mosques across the UK are not allowing women in to pray during the month of Ramadan, an investigation has found.

In a survey of 29 of the biggest mosques in the UK, more than a fifth admitted barring women, citing Covid restrictions as the reason.  

Over a quarter of British mosques do not have a space for women at all, the BBC discovered. In those that cater for both men and women, the spaces are not always the same size.

Anita Nayyar, who co-runs Open My Mosque to campaign for more inclusive spaces, said women often get “second class” areas which can be smaller, in basements, behind locked doors, up flights of stairs and sometimes only open sporadically, Ms Nayyar said. 

She told the BBC: “We have received reports that, during the pandemic, mosques that used to accommodate women pushed women out either to create socially-distanced space for men or because they felt they could not organise stewardship to ensure the women’s facilities adhered to guidelines.”

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