Covid-19 travel war rocks Kenya-UK relations

Covid-19 travel war rocks Kenya-UK relations

The current row over a Covid-19 travel ban has lifted the lid on the diplomatic tensions that have simmered between Kenya and the United Kingdom for years.

The two counties have had chilly but subdued relations for a long time.

The tension and apparent bad blood has finally spilt over into a tit-for-tat clash that has exposed what some call a superficial camaraderie.

“Already there were some problems between them, but then this [travel ban] is like adding an insult to injury,” USIU international relations lecturer Macharia Munene told the Star.

On Saturday, Kenya hit back after the UK banned visitors from Kenya because of its high rate of Covid-19 infections. Kenya retaliated, banning visitors from the UK.

The UK had on Friday put Kenya…

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