Feature: Italy reopens to int’l tourism, sparking optimism for businesses – Xinhua

ROME, May 16 (Xinhua) — Italy formally opened its borders on Sunday for restriction-free travel for visitors from some countries. While it appeared that few took advantage of the eased travel rules on their first day, businesses in Rome say they are ready.

Many streets, parks and squares in the Italian capital were full of visitors over the weekend — at least by the standards of the coronavirus pandemic. But most of those out under Rome’s cloudy skies were local.

As of Sunday, travelers from European Union (EU) member states, Britain, and Israel have the right to enter Italy without restrictions if they could show a recent negative coronavirus test, proof of vaccination, or they had recovered from the virus in the last six months.

The rule change gives business owners in Rome optimism about their prospects, in many cases for the first time in months.

“Nobody expected a flood of foreign arrivals the first day, but it will be nice to hear foreign languages in the bar again,”…

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