Gaza conflict brings double trouble to Israel's tourism sector

Gaza conflict brings double trouble to Israel’s tourism sector

The military campaign in Gaza has put Israel’s travel industry in “one of the situations Israel has had in a long time,” Ziontours Jerusalem CEO Mark Feldman told The Jerusalem Post.

“COVID wasn’t enough for us?” Feldman groaned. “All the foreign air carriers have cancelled flights to Israel. Even in previous wars,  that didn’t happen. There’s an incredible amount of panic, and a feeling of abandonment. From a professional standpoint, we had a big step forward with the reopening of the local economy due to Israel’s successful vaccination campaign, but now we’ve gone three steps backward. Whatever talk there was about bringing groups of tourists into the country during the next few months has been completely abandoned.”

Thousands of rockets have been fired from Gaza since Hamas began the latest round of fighting last Monday. Internal Palestinian politics, as well as clashes in Sheikh Jarrah and al-Aqsa on the Temple Mount, have led Hamas to seek a new escalation in the…

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