Homeland Security expert says Biden’s ban on UK and Europe travel no longer makes sense

A 9/11 Homeland Security expert is leading calls for President Biden to lift the ‘outdated’ ban on travel from the UK and Europe which is ‘stuck in time’, decimating the economy and no longer makes sense when most of the world’s tourists can freely come to America.  

Since March 2020, the US border has been closed to 26 European countries, the UK, Ireland, Iran, China and South Africa because of COVID fears. They were the countries with the worst outbreaks at the start of the pandemic. India, which is experiencing a terrifying COVID outburst – is now also on the list and so is Brazil.

People from any other country can fly to the US, so long as they have a valid visa and a negative COVID-19 test, and Americans can also enter the US from anywhere in the world so long as they also test negative.

That includes traveling from countries like some in Africa, where the vaccine roll-out is barely off the ground, and Nepal, where a frightening new variant has been detected. 

Unlike in March…

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