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IATA Warns of Potential Airport Chaos

(27 May 2021)
IATA has warned of potential airport chaos unless
governments move quickly to adopt digital processes to manage
travel health credentials (COVID19 testing and vaccine
certificates) and other COVID19 measures.

– Pre-COVID19, passengers, on average, spent
about 1.5 hours in travel processes for every journey (check-in,
security, border control, customs, and baggage claim).

– Current data indicates that airport processing
times have ballooned to 3 hours during peak time with travel
volumes at only about 30% of pre-COVID19 levels. The greatest
increases are at check-in and border control (emigration and
immigration) where travel health credentials are being checked
mainly as paper documents.

– Modelling suggests that, without process
improvements, the time spent in airport processes could reach 5.5
hours per trip at…

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