Ireland Looking at Late June for Announcement on Travel

Ireland Looking at Late June for Announcement on Travel

Ireland this week announced it is beginning to lift some of its lockdown restrictions that h toave been in place more than a year now because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Most of the easing of the mandates are internal and pertain to the country itself beginning this month, but Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin did address tourism and international travel.


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Martin said he hoped to see aviation and tourism get back to business but not until the summer, according to Sky News.

A statement from Martin’s office said “higher-risk activities” such as those will be considered at the end of June for later in the year.

If Ireland seems ultra-conservative, it has reason to do so. The country already has one of the lowest COVID-19 infection rate in Europe but watched in December of 2020 after a relaxation of restrictions triggered a huge…

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