Maidenhead MP criticises Government over travel "chaos"

Maidenhead MP criticises Government over travel “chaos”

The former PM Theresa May made her comments in the commons

Author: James Aldridge – Local Democracy ReporterPublished 5 hours ago
Last updated 4 hours ago

Maidenhead MP Theresa May stood up for beleaguered holidaymakers, lamented restrictions on global trade and spoken on some difficult Covid realities during a speech in the Commons.

Mrs May (Conservative) was speaking at an Aviation, Travel and Tourism Industries debate in Parliament this month.

During her speech, she lamented travel restrictions, urging for a safe reopening of global trade and travel, blasting the Government’s lack of progress on safely reopening travel.

“The messaging is mixed and the system is chaotic. “

Mrs May said: ” We now have more than 50 per cent of the adult population vaccinated—it is a wonderful programme—yet we are more restricted on travel than we were last year. In 2020, I went to Switzerland in August and South Korea in September. There was no vaccine but travel was possible. This year, there is…

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