NHL travel exemption irks Canadian Association of Moldmakers

NHL travel exemption irks Canadian Association of Moldmakers

The Canadian Association of Moldmakers (CAMM) has taken exception with the federal government’s decision to grant NHL players travel exemptions due to “national interest” during the final two rounds of the Stanley Cup playoffs while employees in the auto industry continue to be deemed non-essential workers and subject to quarantines.

Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino is allowing cross-border travel of NHL players, so long as they abide by a set of restrictions, including travel on private planes, daily COVID-19 testing, quarantines within designated hotels and arenas, and restrictions around who team members can interact with.

“That stuff makes sense to me. And I’m OK with that, because we said the same thing. I’d like the federal government to tell us why hockey players deserve exemptions but our guys don’t,” said Jon Azzopardi, CAMM chair.  “All this says to me is that they’re willing to make exceptions…and they can put restrictions in place that make…

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