A Virgin Atlantic plane

Plans to restart UK-US travel dismissed by industry

A Virgin Atlantic plane

Plans to reopen transatlantic travel have been dismissed by industry leaders as lacking “clarity”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden will agree on Thursday to launch a taskforce to make recommendations on safely restarting international travel.

Virgin Atlantic chief executive Shai Weiss described its creation as “a first step towards reopening the skies” but warned that the “absence of a definitive timeframe” means airlines, businesses and consumers have not been given “much-needed clarity”.

He said: “Restrictions on transatlantic travel are costing the UK £23 million each day and, despite one of the highest vaccination rates globally, the UK is now falling behind the EU’s reopening.

“For global Britain to be seen as the best place to do business, visit and invest, UK Government must act immediately to safely reopen the skies.”

British Airways boss Sean Doyle said the announcement was “a step in the right…

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