Portugal could be DROPPED from the UK’s travel green list

Portugal could be dropped from the UK’s green list when scientists and ministers meet to discuss Britain’s Covid foreign travel policy later today.

In a move that will be a bitter blow to millions of Britons hoping for a holiday abroad this summer, the Government is reportedly considering moving Portugal on to the amber list as part of its upcoming review of restrictions.  

If the country is moved on to the amber list, holiday-makers entering the UK from Portugal will no longer be allowed to return quarantine free.

They will instead have to self-isolate for 10 days and pay out for two PCR tests.

It will be a huge kick in the teeth to Britons who have already booked a holiday in hot spots such as the Algarve, believing they will be able to return quarantine free.

And it will also be another damaging blow to the already struggling travel industry, which had hoped for more countries to be added to the green list this month. 

It comes as Boris Johnson last night warned that the Government…

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