Press Release Network - A Cyber Gear Initiative

Press Release Network – A Cyber Gear Initiative

Republic of Ireland has announced the adoption of the EU’s new Digital Covid Certificate. This will enable more seamless travel for tourists and will be extended to vaccinated visitors from outside of the EU, including the GCC countries, and will allow certain travellers to visit the island. Republic of Ireland will begin the scheme on 19 July, meaning that travellers with the approved vaccinations will then be able to visit Ireland without the need for a test or quarantining.

Tourism Ireland and the tourism industry have been actively planning for the restart of international travel. The organisation is now ready to roll out a significant promotional kick-start campaign to entice and welcome back international visitors. The tourism industry has been preparing to ensure visitors will have a great holiday on the island of Ireland in 2021. The health and safety of all visitors will be a priority, but the island is sure to still bring a very warm Irish…

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