Puppy farmers ‘exploiting covid confusion’

Puppy farmers ‘exploiting covid confusion’

After a year of emergency covid-19 laws meaning puppies could be delivered to new homes, The Kennel Club is urging vigilance from would-be owners as domestic travel restrictions across Great Britain relax.

The organisation has always urged potential new owners to avoid buying a puppy if the seller is offering to deliver it, as this enables rogue traders and puppy farms to hide poor breeding conditions from view. During the coronavirus pandemic however, while everyone was instructed to ‘stay at home’, emergency guidance meant breeders could deliver puppies to their new homes in certain situations.

With travel restrictions relaxing in Scotland from yesterday (April 26), the final domestic easing of the travel rules within Great Britain, The Kennel Club is warning of ongoing puppy deliveries and urging more vigilance from potential new puppy owners, who should now collect their puppy from where it was bred and raised, with its littermates and mum.

“Following a year of…

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