Reset travel and life

Reset travel and life

On a round-the-world journey, author and editor Koh Buck Song traversed terrain of great contrasts, ranging from the desert skyscrapers of Dubai that symbolise the heights of human aspiration to Kenya’s safari world that evokes wonder and humility.

His new book, Around The World In 68 Days, hopes to inspire a fresh outlook on life, with a more reflective post-pandemic perspective.

That epic trip in 2018 has changed how he imagines the future of travel, and also challenged him to seek deeper meaning in everyday life.

Looking back, what are your thoughts now about the nature of travel before Covid-19? What didn’t we know then?

Before Covid-19, all of us were unaware that we were actually enjoying a “golden age of travel”. We could all travel farther, faster and more freely than ever before.

For instance, on this 68-day trip in 2018 planned by my wife Dora, one transit flight connection in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, gave only 55 minutes to catch the next plane – and it could be done….

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