Scott Morrison has defended the government's policy to criminalise Australians in India amid mounting fallout over the decision.

Scott Morrison has denied the controversial India travel ban is racist amid mounting backlash

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has denied Australia’s travel ban on people returning from India is racist, amid mounting fallout over the government’s decision to make it illegal for those stranded abroad to return home.   

There has been rising anger in the Indian community and backlash from human rights advocates over the decision to restrict travel from India as the country is ravaged by a mass outbreak of coronavirus infections.

Mr Morrison on Monday defended the response as he addressed the temporary travel ban for the first time – some three days after the decision to criminalise those who try to return home from India.

He had been asked about accusations the policy is racist, which some in the Indian-Australian community have raised concerns about. 

“There is a raging pandemic and we need to just continue to take decisions that are in the best health interests of Australia,” Mr Morrison told 2GB Radio.

“This is a temporary arrangement – it is being put in place to ensure we…

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