Scott Morrison to meet Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand; passenger from India flight tests positive for Covid – as it happened

Why don’t we just say what everyone is thinking. This government is making it up as it goes along. There are people in group homes who, by virtue of their conditions and impairment, are exceedingly vulnerable. So this argument somehow that these are the very healthy people of disability and they can afford to wait – this is the government, like, engineering the plane while it is in the air. They are making it up. They simply have forgotten about people with disabilities.

That shows you what a bunch of robots masquerading as empathetic human beings we’ve got running the government of Australia. I just [want] Greg [Hunt] to think about the people he’s talking about rather than his own defence-blame mechanism.

These are people who can’t leave their own homes. During Covid, which was a very traumatic session, when they have carers who might be sick, they weren’t seen. Let’s just put ourselves in the shoes of the people with disabilities and smarten our act up. If…

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