Space Travel: Down-To-Earth Uses For Ambitions

Space Travel: Down-To-Earth Uses For Ambitions

For manufacturing, for supply chains, it’s the last mile indeed that bears the hallmarks of innovation — and perhaps, before too long, the last 100,000 miles. In orbit.

While it may be, on first glance, a flight of fancy to see billionaires launch into space, the fact remains that moving into the stratosphere and beyond may lead to innovations that change the way industry works, the way that we source materials, produce goods, travel and so on.

At this writing, Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos has just completed a trip to bring his Blue Origin craft into space, and did so after Richard Branson took (space) flight earlier this month. According to reports, Tesla’s Elon Musk also will join the space race that seems to be taking shape among the world’s richest individuals.

But, at least, as per Bezos, the push into space would be one that has a larger, perhaps grander view in sight: Back when he was inducted into the International Air & Space Hall of Fame last year, he said, “I…

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