Ted Cruz flies to Cancún as millions of Texans freeze in the dark | Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz has sparked outcry after the Republican senator from Texas left the state for a trip to the sunny Mexican tourist resort of Cancún, as millions of his constituents endure deadly power outages and freezing temperatures.

Cruz was spotted waiting for, then later boarding, a flight to Cancún on Wednesday night. After photos of Cruz on the plane went viral on Twitter, prompting fierce criticism, the senator returned to Texas on Thursday, saying the trip was “obviously a mistake”.

The senator moved quickly on Thursday to try to contain the self-inflicted damage. In a statement issued earlier in the afternoon, more than 12 hours after he was sighted, Cruz claimed he had taken the nearly 1,000-mile flight to Cancún merely to…

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Winter wonderland in eastern Turkey attracts tourists

Winter wonderland in eastern Turkey attracts tourists