The Adapters seeks to help travel overcome Covid-19

The Adapters seeks to help travel overcome Covid-19

Covid-19 spread panic in the hospitality sector last spring, but not all executives were caught in the headlights.

A group of thinkers took a deep breath and went about reinventing their businesses, adapting to better fit the changing world.

The Adapters, written by Sean Worker, with Glenn Haussman, does more than showcase a handful of hardworking and smart leaders in the sector.

Using their insights and experiences as the starting point, the Adapters is part of a multimedia business-learning experience designed to help people in travel industry to think differently, respond differently and fundamentally approach their careers and businesses to stack success in their favour.

Leaders are never static, and neither is the Adapters experience, which will be updated with new, in-the-moment-content on a new website.

The Adapters is a written, audio and video series designed around long- form podcast-style conversations with some of the brightest minds in travel, tourism and…

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