Travel News – Assam’s Siukapha Sammanway Kshetra in Jorhat to be elevated to major tourism site

Assam Tourism minister Bimal Borah said the state government would turn the Choulung Siukapha Samanway Kshetra into one of the prominent cultural sites of the Northeast and a place of pride in South East Asia.

The foundation stone of the project was laid before 2006 and the semi-complete project was inaugurated by Gogoi in 2015.

Visiting the project site on Wednesday, Borah said in a meeting with officials of the kshetra and district administration that the site located in the western outskirts of Jorhat town should be given more prominence in Jorhat’s tourist circuit as Siukapha was towering personality in South East Asia.

Siukapha is said to have crossed the Patkai mountain range from Thailand and beyond and laid the foundation of the Ahom Empire in the Northeast.

The Ahoms ruled this region for more than 600 glorious years till the British took over after signing of the Treaty of Yandeboo in 1826.

Borah said the footfall to the place was low given the importance of the mega…

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