Travel News – J&K tourism suffers INR 1,500 cr loss due to second wave of COVID

The second wave of COVID-19 has given a huge blow to the tourism industry in Jammu & Kashmir. The industry has suffered a loss of about INR 1,500 crores during this period. However, the tourism businessmen have pinned their hopes high on the government and believe that the situation will improve soon in the Union Territory. “Vaccination will change the situation in Jammu and Kashmir,” say health experts. 

Jammu and Kashmir, which is one of the biggest tourist attractions of country in the world, has been hit hard due to the COVID-19-induced pandemic and subsequent lockdown, reports Syed Khallid Hussain for Zee News. A United Tourism Forum Member says, “According to an estimate, this industry has suffered a loss of about INR 1,500 crores so far.”

Jammu and Kashmir is globally known for its beautiful serene views and magnificent locations, and is the largest tourist centre in India. It was after decades that tourism in Jammu and Kashmir was at its peak at the beginning of this year….

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