Wales to consult on introducing tourism tax

Wales to consult on introducing tourism tax

A proposed tourism tax charged to people visiting Wales would “benefit the industry”, the country’s First Minister has claimed.

The Welsh Government pledged to consult on legislation that would permit local authorities to raise such a levy in its five-year plan, which was published on Tuesday.

Mark Drakeford told the Welsh Parliament that the idea of a tourism tax had “taken root” across the world, including in places such as Bath, Liverpool and Aberdeen.

“It is about giving the power and the authority to local authorities in Wales to make a decision for themselves as to whether or not a tourism levy would allow them better to go on investing in the circumstances that make those areas attractive to tourism,” Mr Drakeford said.

“I’m very clear in my own mind that a tourism tax, properly done, will benefit the industry because what it will allow those local authorities to do is to invest in the things that make those areas attractive to tourists in the first place.


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