World Insights: Chinese vaccines help Seychelles revitalize tourism – Xinhua

VICTORIA, May 18 (Xinhua) — The number of visitors received by Seychelles, an archipelago country of the Indian Ocean, has been on the rise since the reopening of its airport in March, thanks to tourists’ growing confidence brought by the mass inoculation of COVID-19 vaccines in the country.

During an earlier interview with the Seychelles News Agency, Seychellois President Wavel Ramkalawan refuted a recent fallacy that China’s Sinopharm vaccine, together with some from other countries, is not effective on the population.

“It is important to mention that up to this date, Seychelles has not recorded any case of mortality of people fully vaccinated. And this has shown us the efficacy of the vaccination,” Ramkalawan said.

Seychelles began its vaccination campaign in January with the Sinopharm vaccine being administered to people aged 18-60, and the president became the first in the country to receive the vaccine.

According to the country’s Ministry of Health, a total of 69,708…

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